SkiffieWorlds 2019 – Categories and Measurement

As announced in January, SkiffieWorlds, the World Championships for the St Ayles Class of coastal rowing boat, will take place in Stranraer (south west Scotland) from 7th to 13th July 2019.

The championship races will be 2000 m out and back races on a multi lane course on Loch Ryan.  It is proposed that races will be held in the following categories:

Under 17:  Male, Female, Mixed

Under 19:  Male, Female, Mixed

Under 40:  Male and Female

Open:  Male, Female, Mixed A and Mixed B

Over 40:  Male, Female, Mixed

Over 50:  Male, Female, Mixed

Over 60:  Male, Female

60+ and 280+ mixed,  clubs can enter only one of these categories, they will run in the same heats and finals , two sets of medals will be awarded for this category


All skiffs used in the championships must be on the St Ayles Skiff Craft Register.  They should bear their number from the register in the bow of their skiff.

Just by way of a reminder, entries will not be accepted for the championships from clubs or groups who race at the Great River Race or other multi class events when deliberately transgressing the measurement rules for the St Ayles skiff.  Such boats may also be suspended from the register.

Each club can only enter one skiff to the championships.  Local clubs with more than one boat are called upon to lend a skiff to overseas clubs.

All skiffs used will be measured at the championships to ensure that they comply with the measurement rules.  If they do not comply a sanction will be applied in accordance with the SCRA rules of racing:  either a time penalty or a disqualification.  It is the responsibility of each group to ensure that their skiff complies with the measurement rules, not the responsibility of anyone else to advise them in advance that they do not.